09 / 11 / 2017

What is the W3C standard and where can you check your site on it

What is the W3C standard and where can you check your site on it

W3C (World Wide Web Consortium/Consortium World Wide Web) that organization wrote the rules for new technologies, that are implemented into the Internet. The head of W3C is Tim Bernes-Lee, one of the founders of the World Wide Web, the inventor of the URL, HTML, HTTP and other technologies. WEB standards are necessary for interaction between different software products. Therefore, a qualitative IT product is that one, which was developed in accordance with the standards. In the whole, W3C approved 41 standard or 41 item in obedience to the current elaborations for a specific language. For example, you are developing a resource in HTML, which includes new tags and some older less efficient tags from past versions. If you use tags in accordance with the current standards, your work will be recognized as a resource with valid code, but if you have used the not included old tags, then your website or a part of it may stop working, or different browsers will not display it correctly at some point of the time, although that is unknown. Services, which let people checking validation of sites for compliance with the standard, as well as the presence of software errors, are called the validators. Here are a couple of such, where you can check out your site:

  1. W3C MarkUp Validation Service-online HTML and XHTML validator,
  2. W3C CSS Validation Service - is a free, easy-to-use CSS validator
  3. W3C Link Checker-link health check,
  4. HTML Validator WDG-HTML validator for Windows
  5. Dr. Watson-checks errors in HTML code,
  6. XML schema validator.


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