10 / 11 / 2017

Why to hire the own server?

Why to hire the own server?

You need hosting to get pages, scripts, figures, video, music and other files, which make your website and places on server, owned by the provider to the internet. Server stays connected to network 24 hours a day. This circumstance allows your website being available 24 hours a day. Providers ensures also other services: mail services, installation of scripts, protection against doss attacks, certificates of safety and others.

When you buy a hosting, there will be also other clients placed on the general server of your hosting provider. It happens often, that such server does not have enough of power for all of you.  This situation occurs from the number of visitors on each website and the launched scripts. The website may begin "to freeze”. If the number of your virtual visitors reaches about 1000 a days, we recommend you to acquire a server for yourself. It is necessary to memorize, that a rent of the server can cost less, than a rent of its traffic. You must either strictly control your traffic, or better rent server with an unlimited traffic. Servers are created for different purposes. Take it in account making a choice.

Perhaps, you have a good hosting and few visitors, but think, that the server is also the place to safe all information: files of the website, or database system. Free Internet bases do not inform you about that, whose information they save. The commercial archives save it only on demand. Situations when information is lost happen unexpected.

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