CRM Development

CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) is a business project infrastructure which manages relationships with customers. Such a system includes web shop or website, accounting and electronic document management system, call center and SMS service. Or in other words – a global mechanism that allows automation and optimization of customer oriented approach.

CRM system development is a large-scale project that requires significant time, intellectual and financial resources, however, the result that customer receives in the end, will justify all these investments, because attracting new customers and keeping existing customers will be much easier than before.  

CRM functionality includes:

  • Marketing task management
  • Increased sales through better coordination
  • Systematic approach to clients and better coordination between managers.

EDEVON develops CRM systems based on SuiteCRM, SugarCRM, which for many years have been very successful for developers and users alike thanks to its ease of use. These systems widely used, powering millions of systems worldwide.

EDEVON developers can create projects from scratch as well as carry out updates and improvements to existing systems, providing new functionality and integrating all kinds of services according to the growing needs of the company.

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Rich experience of CRM system development of various difficulty allows EDEVON team to guarantee its clients successful completion of any assigned task in a comfortable timeframe and at a reasonable price.

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